The Governor of Oregon has issued a Stay At Home order and we would like to provide some interpretation of that.  Patients are still able to leave the home for medical care.  This does not mean that all care is appropriate to be rendered at this time.  Our goal in providing treatment at this time is to keep people out of offices or facilities (like the Emergency Room) in an attempt to manage their symptoms while minimizing public exposure.  If you or anyone you know is in a significant amount of pain, you can still reach out to us to coordinate care.  You can also reach out if only to ask if it is appropriate to get care at this time.  We will also remain available to any pets that need urgent care.  Many of the animals under our care can experience significant pain and changes in behavior with treatment.  Our offices will remain closed to regular treatment.

Many of you will soon get Billing Statements in the mail.  These are being sent out as a matter of process and information.  We know for many of you (and all of us at Move Better) have huge income limits right now.  There is no expectation to pay now or in the near future. 

To keep this and future mailings light, we have decided to link back to other sources to keep the highlight on urgent information.  

We have always had great success with Host Defense Breathe Extract to help with respiratory function. We already wrote about the potential benefits of cardiovascular output right now and this extract has obvious benefits to that.  We have a limited supply of this extract in the office right now.

You can now use your Jane account for Virtual Rehabilitation instead of PhysiApp.  This allows for a smoother and more reliable data stream.  You are also able to scheduline those sessions online directly with your clinician.

We recently made a post about our use of Full Circle for grocery delivery.  We will also be donating any funds from our code use to Oregon Food Bank.  See more here.

Many people are taking advantage of this time by increasing their exercise.  We had heard many patients saying they want to buy equipment for home use and that many exercise items are sold out.  What a great thing to hear.  The streets are also full of people running.  The skill of running is one of Dr. Q’s silent passions.  He just wrote a very long blog to think about how to run as well as safe ways to start running or increase running mileage.


Stay Healthy,

The Move Better Gang