As the information changes, so must we.  We will be closing the clinic from Saturday March 21st through Thursday April 2nd. 

Prior to that, we are going to tighten down even more on which patients we see.  Many of you are coming to see us after years of pain and many interventions that have not worked.  Being able to help those of you in that scenario is one of our lives greatest joys.  It is, however, very obvious that limiting person-to-person interaction is a critical factor in mitigation.  Quantifying this for our clinic is a tricky thing.  Pain is a very amorphous and personal thing.  We wish we could give you all a basic form to fill out that creates a reliable formula for us to follow, but that is not a reality.  We believe you should come in if:

  • Your pain has can be at a 7 out of 10, where 0 is no pain at all and 10 is the worst pain you can imagine.
  • Your symptoms are present more than 50% of the day
  • Your symptoms significantly effect your ability to do normal task like moving around the house, completing basic house chores (cleaning, dishes, cooking, laundry, caring for family), washing yourself, using the restroom, or sleeping moderately well.

We believe you should not come in at all if you have:

  • Any flu-like symptoms
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue

We have also made some small changes in the clinic:

  • All patients must now wash hands upon entry at the front desk with soap for 30 seconds
  • We have moved the waiting area to allow more distance between patients
  • Only patients are allowed in the clinic, no friends of family members
  • We have removed all reading material from the waiting area
  • We will minimize all physical contact when reasonable (ie no handshakes)
  • Clinicians will wash hands before and after and hands on work that is deemed valuable and necessary

We are making another encouragement to keep moving around and make your body breathe a and work a little.  See why this is especially important here.

We have decided to offer virtual rehabilitation and care pro bono (see more info here).  Many of you are in a great place right now and simply need to keep doing your PhysiApp programming to continue to see positive results.  Some of that program may include equipment or positions that you do not have access to at this time or in the foreseeable future.  All plans can continue to progress while using nothing more than some space and items in your home.  PhysiApp also already has the ability to provide video sessions built right into it on a secure platform.

We have had time for many positives as well and we hope you all have had the same experience. Here are a few:

Q has: Gone first run in a while, revisited the joy of the Tolkien movies, and been able to catch up on many to do items for the clinic

Whitney has: Had daily walks with Q and Wiley in the beautiful weather enjoying all the spring colors, been journaling, and catching up on paperwork I never have time to tackle otherwise

Wiley has: Fully enjoyed many walks and runs and following Whitney around all day and every day

Thomas has:

Rachel has: Spent extra time with the kids. Enjoyed the fresh air. Taken many naps. Slowed down and enjoyed some moments without feeling rushed. Sat with some of her feelings and give them space to unfold.

Mars has: Tolerated Omri constantly jumping on his head and is happy she is able to go outside to entertain herself in otherways. Enjoyed the extra love from his humans.

Omri has: Mastered the doggie door and has been running around the backyard like a nut!

Rodney has: Played a lot with Keanu. Gone on a run during very beautiful weather. Laid on the grass for a bit with the sun shining and remembering that life is beautiful. Had rest. Had bad thoughts that transformed into beautiful thoughts later

Keanu has: Played a lot with Rodney.  Had a good tooth cleaning from Rodney.

We will see you all on the other side,

Q, Whitney, Wiley, Thomas, Rachel, Mars, Omri, Rodney, and Keanu