PhysiApp is a powerful tool, especially for our system of medicine.  With current changes in the ability to physically be around people, we think it is a great time to use the program to its full potential.  Included in PhysiApp is a secure video conferencing system.  This will allow you to connect with your clinician to adapt, change, or update your therapeutic movement program in (somewhat) real time.  In our very small amount of testing there is a small delay in the system.  This should be ok to work with, but will not be as smooth as something like Face Time.  It is, however, completely secure, which is important.

We are offering this service pro bono as our way of helping out when we can and also recognizing it is not a completely ironed out system.  So we apologize in advance for any hiccups along the way.  If you would like to give this a try, please contact your clinician directly and they will walk you through it.

Dr. Q –

Dr. Whitney –

Dr. Thomas Grace –

Dr. Rodney –

Please make sure you have the PhysiApp app download to your phone and that you are logged in to your current program on it.

We are looking forward to this process!