Shaw acupuncture and East Asian Medicine is a Chinese medical clinic dedicated to helping patients on the journey to heal themselves. Shaw Acupuncture specializes in physical medicine in the forms of cranial therapy, shiatsu, myofascial release and structural integration along with somatic based counseling for healing trauma and instilling emotional well being as well as herbal medicine to treat chronic disease. Kelly is trained in classical Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine derived from the Nei Jing and Shang han za bing lun. He utilizes osteopathic techniques such as craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, structural integration and myofascial release, as well as somatic based psychology and trauma work derived from somatic experiencing, bodynamics, psychosynthesis, and other body centered forms of mental and emotional therapy.

We have worked with Kelly for many years now. Kelly combines many styles and thoughts to his treatment. Kelly is able to follow traditional eastern medicine treatments as well as perform dry needling and fascia work. This unique combination creates a sweet spot for many people and allows a great balance to the work we do at Move Better.
Kelly has also enjoyed and suffered as a Move Better patron and deeply understands what our patients experience as he has worked with Dr. Q many times for his own health needs. This allows a seamless combination of treatments between our treatments here and what he will do in your treatment.

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