Exploring the Physics of Vehicle Accidents and Effects on the Body

The forces caused by motor vehicle accidents are incredibly harmful to the body, even at low speeds.

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A Better Treatment and Evaluation System

We begin our lengthy series of post, outlining our evaluation and treatment system. This series will be written for the public and clinicians alike.

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The Point of Exercise

We think most people are missing the point AND using the wrong equipment. The most common piece of equipment in any gym is widley overused, widley misused, and has a better…

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Give Better

Opportunities to help should not be taken lightly. If you have the ability to help someone, you should do it, and figure out the logistics later. Things like reimbursement and…

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The Problem With Losing Weight is Not the Weight

This writing is not about how to lose weight. It's about how to recognize what body fat really is, a symptom of a larger problem. This creates significant changes to how we…

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Everything You Know Is Wrong

Challenging your own mental constructs is key for true growth. Science is currently showing us that much of what we hold as "fact" or "truth" is really neither. Healthcare is no…

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How we use words can be critically important, especially when it comes to research. But, from what we have seen, many researchers are using poor word choices to implement key…

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