New PORTLAND Location!

1744 SE Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, OR 97214

After almost 2 years of searching and after a lot of hard work, we can finally say goodbye to our house in the southeast and hello to our brand new commercial location.  We now have 3 full treatment rooms and a rehab area with lots of space and all of the tools and equipment we have always wanted.  


Move Better 6

Move Better Chiropractic focuses around a simple theory: create better options. Our experience with persistent pain is that the body only knows how to move one way, and that way creates pain.  Given the appropriate movement options, you can protect your body when injured, improve healing time, reduce pain, improve function, and create long lasting solutions instead of temporary relief. Our unique evaluation and treatment system focuses on same day outcomes and real time improvements, allowing patients to get significant relief with their first treatment.


Our furry companions need help too. Animal chiropractic treatment involves restoring joint motion, corrective and preventative exercise therapy, and educating owners.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for your animals, improve their performance, and provide options to invasive procedures. It is also extremely cost effective compared to even a minimal veterinarian visit.  Nearly all conditions are largely resolved within 3 treatments with an average total cost of $220. Treatment can also be performed in your home should transportation not be an option.

Dog Chiropractic


Ryan OH Squat

We focus on pattern and programming.  Performance is a numbers game and you should train as such.  If you do not have a formal plan of training, you are just burning calories.  Good programming creates obvious improvements with the least amount of time necessary. Good patterns prevent injury and maximize output. It is common for our strength athletes to see 10 lb. to 50 lb Personal Record increase in the first treatment.  Endurance athletes generally see a 30 second/mile decrease after their first treatment.